Finding good vegan spots to eat in Paris is easier now than it was a few years ago. But during your stay in this beautiful city, you may want to buy vegan food products as well, either for breakfast at the place you’re staying or to have a picnic with wine and cheese on the banks of the Seine River, in the Tuileries garden or near the Eiffel Tower.

Thomas is our local vegan guide. Below, he tells you about the best vegan stores and other places you can go to fill your vegan food list in the city. Let’s get started!

100% vegan stores

Always checking product labels for animal products is a hassle, isn’t it? Fortunately, you no longer need to worry about that because Paris now has seven completely vegan food stores!

Un Monde Vegan is the oldest vegan store in Paris. Here you’ll find vegan cheese (both French craft brands and world-famous ones including Violife and Vegusto), high-protein vegan foods like tofu, tempeh and soy proteins, nut butters, plant-based milks, granolas, flours, seeds, oils and more. They also offer frozen products.

Mon Epicerie Paris, which opened in 2017, offers all the products listed above plus world cuisine items from India, Japan and China (such as soy sauce, mochi and spices). It also stocks unique products that you can’t find anywhere else in Paris, trust me! Like this delicious shiitake mushroom oil. Vegan wines are sold here too, for a perfect “apéritif” or to round out a vegan dinner.


Mon Epicerie Paris / Credits: Paris Vegan Walkabouts


The newest addition to the vegan food store scene in Paris, Aujourd’hui Demain sells all the food products you expect to find at a vegan grocery: cheeses, meat substitutes, nut butters, plant-based milks, granolas, seeds, grains, flours, oils… and even vegan food for companion animals!

One unique feature here is the bulk bins, which lets shoppers buy items such as oats, dried fruits or nuts without packaging. Really useful for saving the planet from packaging waste!


Aujourd’hui Demain / Credits: Aujourd’hui Demain


Last but not least, Naturalia, the French organic food store chain, has opened 4 completely organic vegan stores in Paris since the summer of 2017. These stores stock some 2,500 products, so the concept is closer to a traditional supermarket than a local food store like the 3 places mentioned above. You’ll find more well-known vegan brands than small craft brands at these places, but they’re really worth a visit!


Naturalia Vegan / Credits:


Organic stores

If you’re not close to a completely vegan store, organic stores are a good alternative for finding vegan food products.

They all carry vegan products but you have to be careful and check whether they have a vegan label (Vegan label launched by the Vegan Society or the V-label launched by the European Vegetarian Union). If they don’t, read the ingredients on the label to be sure there are no animal products in them. Some labels are written only in French, so it can be tricky. However, certain animal products (especially dairy and egg) are considered allergens and are therefore often printed in bold or italic typeface so they stand out from the rest. But if in doubt, don’t get it!


Product with the Vegan label / Credits: Paris Vegan Walkabouts

More and more often, signs on the shelves indicate whether products are vegan. The word used is usually “vegan” so it’s easy to understand!

The V-label logo / Credits:

You will find grains and cereals, meat substitutes (tofu, tempeh, soy proteins), plant-based milks, granolas, vegan cheese… and the number of vegan products available at organic stores is on the rise.

The organic stores are chains named Biocoop, Bio C Bon and Naturalia. The best way to find them is to do a Google search for “organic stores near me” or the names of the chains for a map of locations around the city.


Biocoop store / Credits:

Other stores

Another option for vegan food products is the traditional supermarkets like Monoprix and Franprix. These chains offer quite a few vegan food products, but be careful to check for the vegan label and read the ingredients lists to check if there are preservatives and colouring agents in them. In fact, these supermarkets often launch their own vegan food products, and they sometimes contain more preservatives and colouring agents than those sold by vegan food brands.

To find these stores, Google their names and a map of locations around the city will appear.


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You’ll visit vegan stores as well as vegan food spots during our vegan walkabouts in Paris. Come to visit these unique locations to enjoy the French vegan culture of Paris and meet other participants who share your values. 😊

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